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Excellence from design to installation

At ALS we have made it our priority to be at the forefront of airfield lighting solutions. We have continually invested in development to stay ahead of the evolving technology, the industry  and client needs. Outstanding design is at the core of everything we manufacture, and we are constantly discovering new ways to help clients reduce costs without compromising quality.

Every airfield is different. So both our team and our operational processes have been developed to adapt – providing a flexability that larger organisations simply cannot. Together with our extensive product range we can offer every client a bespoke lighting system tailoured to meet their unique requirements.

ALS Products


Our range of portable test and monitoring equipment that would be invaluable to the AGL engineers. ALS Developed these tools after listening to some of the many issues the AGL Engineers have, preforming their duties maintaining the Airfield Ground Lighting.


Our Range of CCR’s. From the long standing proven and reliable XR400, the compact and stackable CR200, to the latest Microprocessor MCR400. Also the Mini CCR unit, a bench top unit thatCan be powered from mains or from a sine wave inverter.


Our Range Of Illuminated, Non-Illuminated and externally lit Sign boards for the AGL Taxiway Guidance Signs, Stand Number Indicator Boards, IRDM’s and RHAG Marker boards. Halogen or LED Lit. Supplied to run on main input or 6.6 Amp Circuits.


Our range of Airfield Ground Lighting Series Transformers, covering the requirement of both the commercial and military Airfield’s. The Combined Switching transformers and switching units generally used for stop bars and lead on/ lead off lights. We can also produce these transformers in a string of up to 6 units, reducing the number of joints in the circuit.