Inter Airport 2021 New Products

Nov 8th, AGL Advancement Group UK, the owners of International Airport Visual & Navigational Aids Limited (IAVNA), Airfield Lighting Systems (ALS) and Parkinson Richmark (Richmark) announce key new products at Inter Airport, Europe’s leading Airport Exhibition.

The company under its ALS brand is delighted to announce three new product families at the Munich exhibition, increasing its LED range of Airfield Ground Light Fittings (AGL) substantially.

An LED PAPI is the main new flagship product. With a power consumption of 57W this PAPI is significantly more economical than similar products. This fitting is manufactured from high quality, tough 6mm aluminium to provide outstanding thermal heat management and stability. It is easy to maintain and clean, set up is quick and easy on site making it a good choice for installers.


Additionally, there is a brand new range of SFL (Sequence Flashing Lights) added to the range, consisting of inset and elevated lights. These are compliant with FAA and ICAO recommendations and can be used in conjunction with existing approach lights.


Also added to the range of popular DTS fittings is a brand new inset light featuring circling guidance particularly useful in runway edge lighting. The fitting has a high impact design and has four additional prisms to provide the omni-directional component.