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About Us

Airfield Lighting Systems

Established in 2008, Airfield Lighting Systems are a well-known and trusted innovator in the design and manufacturing of ground lighting equipment for commercial and military airports. We offer an innovative range of products as a leading light for Airfield Lighting Solutions.  As a leading part of AGL Advancement Group UK the company is installing new LED products in airports globally.

The company now also partners with many international brands to bring customers a wider range of products from the best overseas manufacturers.

Our Mission

It is our mission to work with our clients and partners globally to provide bespoke lighting systems, illuminating the way for airfields for future generations and creating a more sustainable future.

By choosing to work with ALS you can expect:


Prompt delivery and rapid response time


Reliable, efficient & extensive product range


Impeccable installation with tailored solutions 


Distinguished aftercare support


Environmentally friendly and sustainable products

Our Vision

To empower our clients and partners with the most distinguished airfield lighting solutions, enabling them to perform more cost effective, streamline and resourceful for a more sustainable future.

With our partner company IAVNA, celebrating 40 years of excellence, we are continuously making it our priority to be at the forefront of airfield lighting solutions. We are ahead of the rest when it comes to investing in technological advancements.

Outstanding design is at the core of everything we manufacture, and we are constantly discovering new ways to help clients reduce costs without compromising quality. We pride ourselves on offering airports a different, more cost-effective solution.

Our quality service, prompt response, speedy delivery and aftercare that is second-to-none are all reasons why our customers remain so loyal. Together with our extensive product range we can offer every client a bespoke lighting system tailored to meet their unique requirements. We have tested our products in some of the toughest conditions on earth from Canada’s frozen terrain to the blistering heat of the Middle East.

Airfield Lighting Systems are always on hand to assist clients with projects from any stage. We are reliable experts in our field able to supply robust and cost-effective airfield products to commercial, private and military customers. We are a leading light within the Airfield industry and are a very reputable manufacturer and distributor of taxiway lights, runway lights, airport beacons, wind cones, obstruction lights and constant current regulators.

Together with our extensive product range we can offer every client a bespoke lighting system tailored to meet their unique requirements. So please contact us to find out more about Airfield Lighting Systems and our cutting-edge approach to airfield lighting solutions.

As you would expect our factory is fully ISO 9001: 2015 approved.

iSO cert ALS

Statement of our Quality Policy