Polaris Portable Light Fittings Now Available in RGBW

NEW – The popular and versatile Polaris Portable LED lighting systems for Airports (Battery or Solar Powered Options) is now available for the first time as an RGBW (Red, Blue, Green, White) LED option all in one. It means the fitting is suitable for use in even more applications on the Airfield or Heliport.

  • 15 hours maximum recharge time
    Simple drop-in charging system
  • Low voltage battery protection
  • Control options: manual, photocell or radio
  • Flashing or steady signal
  • Charge level indication
  • RGBW LED selectable colours (Red, Blue, Green, White)
  • No lamp changing for the entire lifetime of the light unit
  • Tested for wind / jet blast up to 322 Km/h
  • Extended battery life

Southampton Goes Smart

Southampton Airport completes major lighting upgrade.

The first Runway in the UK to install SmartBolts.

Southampton International Airport (SOU) has just completed an extension to its main runway and upgrade of its airfield lighting to new LED fittings from Airfield Lighting Systems UK Limited (ALS) in Wickford, Essex. 

The 164m extension to the northern end of Southampton’s runway will allow the airport to attract new airlines and offer new routes, creating exciting opportunities for business and leisure, while guaranteeing the airport’s viability.    

The upgrade makes history as the airport chose to install SmartBolts from ALS on the Runway making it the first airport in the UK to do so. 140 SmartBolts were used to secure the Runway Centerline fittings in a new initiative to reduce FOD and reduce maintenance time by utilising the visual identification system on the bolt. 

SmartBolts have a colour indicator built in that works on tension and when the bolts are at the correct setting the SmartBolt indicator turns black.  If during a routine inspection, the bolts appear red then the engineer knows action is required.

The project also saw 126 x ALS LED Inset Runway Centerline installed, 59 x LED Approach lights, 56 x LED Elevated Runway Edge Lights, 20 x LED Threshold Wing Bars, 5 x LED Runway End,  10 x LED Inset Runway Edge lights and all were installed using our high precision sighting device. Alongside this were all the necessary adaptor rings, transformers, cables, and connector kits.

The project was handled by Volker Fitzpatrick who worked closely with ALS to ensure the meticulous planning of the project was completed smoothly.

Keith Spicer said, ”We were delighted to work closely with the team at Volker Fitzpatrick on this project and thrilled that Southampton chose to be the first runway in the UK to utilise the SmartBolts safety product in its runway centreline lights.”

A brighter future at the Mount.

June 2023, The Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) has just completed work at the Mount Pleasant Airfield in the Falkland Islands with Mitie and Gatwick Construction to install new LED lighting and Signs from Airfield Lighting Systems UK Limited (ALS) in Wickford, Essex.     

An RAF A400M is recovered to a hangar at Mount Pleasant Complex in the Falkland Islands. (Crown Copyright, MOD 2019)

Work has concluded on an almost £7 million Defence Infrastructure Organisation Project, to extend the lifespan of the runaway at the Mount Pleasant Complex (MPC).  

This is particularly important given that it is used for the airbridge flights to and from the UK, for LATAM flights connecting the Falkland Islands to South America, and the Falkland Island Government Air Service (FIGAS) which connects MPC with the outlying islands of the Falklands.

The upgrade involved the installation of 80 LED internally Edge lit ALS signs installed on the airfield.  ALS have been making signs since 2008 in the UK and have a unique design Innovative design of mounting poles that go through the sign itself to keep it stable during installation and operation.  This design feature also facilitates easier installation.

Their range of LED internally lit ICAO/EASA/CAP168 compliant guidance signs, single or double sided are at the forefront of new technology, ALS have designed their LED Taxiway signs to be both energy efficient and require minimal maintenance. The construction utilises the robustly designed ALS cabinet and uses stainless steel fixings throughout which ensures optimal performance despite the arduous weather conditions experienced in the Falkland’s.

The Project also included the provision of 29 ALS Runway Guard Lights, necessary primary AGL cables and 13 non-illuminated signs.


The installation of the products was carried out by Gatwick Construction Limited a partner of ALS, who were present on-site alongside MITIE to supervise the installation process. They were both satisfied with the service provided and by the performance of the lights. The order was delivered on schedule to allow for transport by sea.

New partnership with GRP Illuminacion to promote their unique Earth Fault Detection System.

IAVNA are delighted to announce an exciting new partnership with GRP Illuminacion to promote their unique Earth Fault Detection System to the UK Airfield market.

Introducing the Earth Fault Detection System, the latest addition to our line of innovative solutions.

This critical system is designed to quickly pinpoint any faults that occur between the live conductors and earth in AGL systems, reducing maintenance costs and associated issues.EFDS uses advanced technology to continuously monitor the current flow and detect any imbalances between the live conductors and earth conductor. If any faults are detected, the system will trip the circuit, isolating the fault and preventing further damage or injury.

With our Earth Fault Detection System, you can ensure the safety and reliability of your AGL systems while reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

LED Aircraft Stand Manoeuvering Guidance Lights (Apron)

The ALS LED Inset Aircraft Stand Manoeuvring Lights are a new addition to our extensive LED range.

They’re suitable for apron applications and utilise the latest super bright LED technology available in the field.

The range is comprehensive and includes SBS/IN-R Unidirectional Red, TE/IN-Y Omnidirectional yellow and TE/IN-R Omnidirectional Red models.

LED provide long life and low maintenance operation, very low power consumption and reduced running costs compared to halogen (a saving of typically 80%).

They’re sturdy and compact with a low protrusion of less than 6.3 mm above ground level but do not compromise safety; in fact, the standard light comes equipped with self learning fail open technology for extra protection.


  • 8″ or 12″ base assemblies (bottom/side entry)
  • Adaptor ring 12″ to allow 8″ fitting installation
  • Lifting tool
  • SmartBolts

Kruger ups its game.

Kruger Mpumalanga International Airport in South Africa has just completed the installation of 20 x MCR400 units from ALS in the UK at its prestigious airport in the heart of South Africa.

Airfield Lighting Systems microprocessor controlled CCR was chosen as a highly reliable, user friendly, extremely low life-cycle cost product.  It is widely used by civilian and military airports all over the world.

The constant current regulator MCR400 is the “most popular” in a line of regulators specifically intended for the supply of series circuits for use on airfield lighting circuits.

HV Probe & Proving Units



  • Ergonomic design
  • Portable and robust
  • Probes are passive in operation, no power source required
  • Proving unit to verify probes before and after tests
  • Proving unit supplied with a standard 9v battery (PP9)


  • Prove circuits dead
  • AGL circuits
  • Fixed ground power units


  • 55 – 5000 VAC
  • 75 – 7500 VDC

Planning for the future.

Leeds Bradford International Airport has just completed an upgrade of its airfield lighting control system infrastructure from Airfield Lighting Systems UK Limited (ALS) in Wickford, Essex. 

Leeds Bradford International Airport is seeing passenger numbers increase and more flight movements and is expecting to see this increase further following Covid restrictions lifting.

The upgrade saw 18 MCR400 Constant Current Regulators installed at the Airport to provide more versatility and control options for the various lighting circuits on the airfield operations.

ALS have been manufacturing CCR’s for many years and have a close working relationship with Leeds Bradford.  The CCR’s were specified and a full training program was provided recently by the company’s technical experts on site. 

Constant Current Regulator MCR400

The constant current regulator MCR400 is the “most popular” in a line of regulators specifically intended for the supply of series circuits for use on airfield lighting circuits.

To comply with statutory regulations, the CCR cabinet housing is divided into three areas, electronic control, low voltage area and main high voltage area.

The electronic control area is situated behind a hinged panel at the front of the cabinet with no access to the other areas.

The constant current regulator MCR400 is supplied as a free-standing unit, with or without castors. Requiring minimum floor space, it is available in ratings from 1.5kW to 30kW.

With the standard high speed built in serial data communications, the Constant Current Regulator (CCR) can communicate with most PC or PLC control systems

AGL Advancement Group in Saudi Arabia

AGL is delighted to annouce its participation in the prestigous Saudi Airport Show in November.

The event is held in the Al Faisaliah Hotel, Riyadh between Nov 7 and 8th 2022 and the company is promising some exciting new products to be demonstrated for the first time to mark the occasion.


Largest stock holding of original OSRAM Airfield lamps in the UK

IAVNA has been an approved supplier of OSRAM lamps to the Airfield market in the UK for over 40 years.  

Holding a large quantity of precision manufactured, high performance, quality original lamps in our modern heated warehouse facility in Wickford, allows us to react with speed and provide you with lamps you know are manufactured and stored to the highest standards.  

The company holds the ISO 9001 quality standard which confirms the administration processes, internal auditing and traceability of all products is approved and this is re-tested annually.

The Norfolk Mighty Hike

Our fearless production manager Dave Johnson and his wife have just completed The Norfolk Mighty Hike for Macmillan Cancer Research.

Raising over £500 in the process they completed the 14 mile hike in fantastic weather and were still talking to each other at the end!

Congratulations to Dave and Carla for their terrific effort and well done from all at ALS.


See the quality for yourself!

Ever wonder what is inside the products you buy and specify?   We go the extra mile to make sure our quality standards are very high.  This includes X-rays of the products to make sure after production everything is perfect and as it should be.  Particularly with transformers that are potted, you simply can’t see if everything is ok.  Don’t worry ALS ones are perfect as you can see below and will last a long, long time.

National Air Police Service (NPAS) goes green.

ALS has recently supplied a number of special Helipad portable light fittings to the National Air Police Service (NPAS).

The National Police Air Service (NPAS) provides borderless air support to the police forces across England and Wales 24/7/365 from a national network of bases.

The PLB500 portable light has been designed to be compact and robust, with a weight kept to a minimum to facilitate easy handling during transportation and use.  The Helipad model comes complete with a green lens.

It is easily charged by simply plugging in a cable to the socket located on the top section of the housing.

Larger chargers that hold 5, 10 or 20 units can be ordered as can a mobile trailer for easy storage and deployment.

British-Irish Airports Expo Show London June 22-23 2022

AGL Advancement group is delighted to be exhibiting at the British-Irish Airports Expo Show in June.

Situated at Excel London Center this year’s Airport Show is set to further innovate the global airports industry.

A full program of conference events and exhibitors are participating.

  • New innovations expected to make an impact in the industry
  • Rising technologies under research and development
  • Conference talks with leaders and experts
  • Networking and connection with key players.

Please come and visit us on Stand D5 to find out more about the latest products for 2022 and to see the major new product that will be unveiled at the show.

Airport Show Dubai May 17-19 2022

AGL Advancement group is delighted to be exhibiting at the Dubai Airport Show in May.

Situated in the Dubai World Trade Center this year’s Airport Show is set to further innovate the global airports industry.

A full program of conference events and exhibitors are participating.

  • New innovations expected to make an impact in the industry
  • Rising technologies under research and development
  • Conference talks with leaders and experts
  • Networking and connection with key players.

Please come and visit us on Stand 2010 to find out more about the latest products for 2022 and to see the major new product that will be unveiled at the show.

Wingframe Sign Configurator

ALS have been using the industry leading Wingframe software for many years to provide you with precision engineered and perfectly sized signs.

You can now have direct access to the software yourself to design and specify your own custom made signs. 

All the cabinets and sign facias are available from a global catalogue and the software automatically checks each design to ensure ICAO or ESAS compliance.  If it is approved you can then send this to ALS for a quotation and delivery estimate.

Direct access to the site is via our website main menu / Services / Design / Wingframe or this link here 

Wingframe comes with collaboration tools for easy communication with your client/supplier. Create your quote using the material generated by Wingframe.

When the order is approved simply download the print files and send them to ALS for production. Wingframe provides standards compliant vector files for print, as well as grid files with measurements for verification.

A wide variety of choices are available covering ICAO signs, mandatory instructions signs, No entry, Gate, Stand identification VOR checkpoint for example.

All are fully customizable with content, legend height and panel size. 

Give us a call today when you next need a sign a receive an impressive Wingframe quotation back that you can forward to your clients.

Expanded Heliport Range

ALS has now expanded its existing range of LED heliport lighting with three new families of LED products to cater for every new project requirement.

By adding Heliport Circle Markers (H & TD/PM), Flat and Inset fittings to the range the company has a precision-engineered, low energy solution for all applications on Heliports and Helidecks.

New datasheets are available on the website.  If you would like any further information at all or a free lighting design undertaken please give us a call, we would be happy to help you.

H Circle TD/PM Lights

TD/PM Circle-H offshore Helideck landing system for Helicopters.

Manufactured in tough LED panels, CAP437 approved lights in Circle and “H” shapes.

Offshore Heliports employ a wide range of offshore landing facilities, including touchdown lighting system, positioning and circle markings

Flat lights

The ALS 9W Flat LED lights are designed specifically for Heliports, Helipads and Offshore Platforms.

This Flat range is particularly useful for installation on the ground surface where there is no access or option for buried cable trenches.  This makes for a fast and speedy installation

Inset Fittings

The ALS 9W Inset Heliport lighting fixtures are using a common body and power converter.

They are used for FAT, TLOF and Taxiway Edge installations. 

There is a comprehensive range of five models to provide all the complete options necessary for operating a Heliport.

ALS awarded prestigious “Made in Britain” status

Made in Britain are committed to helping the Great British trade market.  As a British company ourselves, we have now joined this growing community following our successful inspection. 

We are delighted to be able to use this mark now on our products manufactured in our Wickford factory in Essex to highlight their British heritage to the rest of the world.

The Made in Britain logo is Britain’s mark of excellence.

It shows our continued commitment to local manufacturing in our community and both the dedication and skill of our staff in achieving this standard.

Inter Airport 2021 New Products

Nov 8th, AGL Advancement Group UK, the owners of International Airport Visual & Navigational Aids Limited (IAVNA), Airfield Lighting Systems (ALS) and Parkinson Richmark (Richmark) announce key new products at Inter Airport, Europe’s leading Airport Exhibition.

The company under its ALS brand is delighted to announce three new product families at the Munich exhibition, increasing its LED range of Airfield Ground Light Fittings (AGL) substantially.

An LED PAPI is the main new flagship product. With a power consumption of 57W this PAPI is significantly more economical than similar products. This fitting is manufactured from high quality, tough 6mm aluminium to provide outstanding thermal heat management and stability. It is easy to maintain and clean, set up is quick and easy on site making it a good choice for installers.


Additionally, there is a brand new range of SFL (Sequence Flashing Lights) added to the range, consisting of inset and elevated lights. These are compliant with FAA and ICAO recommendations and can be used in conjunction with existing approach lights.


Also added to the range of popular DTS fittings is a brand new inset light featuring circling guidance particularly useful in runway edge lighting. The fitting has a high impact design and has four additional prisms to provide the omni-directional component.