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The Pathfinder ALCMS system is a sophisticated airport lighting control and monitoring system designed to complement our popular range of Airfield Ground Lighting.  Our system is preferred at over 300 airports globally.

The primary purpose of an ALCMS system is to remotely control the taxiway and runway lights from the tower.  Many other lights and safety products can be controlled on the Pathfinder system including approach, stop bars, and apron lighting systems.

The lights can be operated either individually or as a group, which helps the manoeuvring of all the ground traffic in a safe and efficient way on the airfield.

ALCMS can be designed to connect and control with any type of airfield lighting equipment and fittings by multiple manufacturers.  The system usually includes the monitoring of alarms relating to the airfield operations and storing them for future interrogation or analysis.



Prevention of intensity control errors. Commands will be re-sent automatically in the event of a failure. Verifications are provided of the commanded and delivered steps. Verification checks alert the operator for intensity steps made on the same circuits.
Modular system structure Easy to upgrade or replace hardware without system disruption. 1000M LAN network capacity. Multiple fail safe modes and 48 months data storage facility. Intelligent event analysis and processing, smart monitoring predicts issues, isolates and self corrects.
Anti-Accidental Operation
Screen lock prevents accidental operation. Double confirmation required of key operations, no one touch for essential commands. Audible voice confirmation played on important commands with a description of the consequences of triggering the specific action.
Customer Friendly Operation
Multi view 2D or 3D display screen 100% accuracy of lights in flight zone. 360 degree vector zooming in and out control, Alarm classification. Human voice prompts, (multilingual options). Can be customised.


Pathfinder is an Airfield Lighting Control and Monitoring System (ALCMS) with a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) configuration.  It is versatile and  very simple to use, the ALCMS system meets a wide range of airfield needs and is ideal for small to medium airfields. This system is designed to be both reliable and expanded as  growing airports need to evolve, making the Pathfinder  ALCMS the only control an monitoring system needed.

Wide Range of Capabilities
Pathfinders can control and monitor all Constant Current Regulators (CCRs), circuit selector switches, beacons, wind cones, generators, radio control, photocells, ARCAL control and other general elements.
Multi-Location Control
The system enables the ability to have control capabilities transferred between locations, with remote access to the system being an available option.
Real Time Displays
For added safety and security, having the ability to see all the aircrafts from a single screen is vital.
System Design
The system’s out of the box design allows for quick and easy installation and experienced our experienced teams are available to help guide your project.
Sea of Green
is a more common term for modern airfield lighting and a flexible ALCMS system and this feature can safely guide an aircraft from landing to its parking stop position by turning on green inset lights as a visual guide, all controlled by Pathfinder