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SCO – Series Plug Cut Out Switch

SCO – Series Plug Cut Out Switch

The Series Plug Cut Out Switch (SCO) is designed with safety first, second and third in mind.  It is designed to safely isolate the series circuit from the CCR’s before testing or maintenance on any fittings on the airfield.

They enable the airfield ground lighting circuit to be safely disconnected, isolated, and earthed by the simple rotation of the connector lid without exposing the user to high voltages.  The lockable top cover lifts out, rotates and is re-inserted at 90 degrees back into the base unit, then is locked to safely isolate the circuit.  Tough and durable providing reliable multi-use operation, thanks to the shape of the body and “lock and rotate” operation.



  • Speeds up maintenance by not having to disconnect cables.
  • Lockable for the user to stop any accidental re-energisation of the circuit while in maintenance mode.
  • Designed for easy mounting on the CCR cabinet or wall.
  • Easy to operate with molded handle and top cover.
  • Permits use on the circuit with safe isolation of power.
  • Industrial construction for safety with special flame retardant epoxy ABS but only 3.18 Kg weight. This is also better than porcelain for shock resistance.
  • Heavy Brass terminals take up to 10mm cable, reinforced with metal outer case.
  • Series cable clamps facilitate screened cable to be earthed easily if required.
  • A safety lock facility is available when in the ‘Field Earthed’ position allowing easy and safe access for testing of field circuits.
  • Circuit breakers are designed to be reinstalled to cable terminals.

How it Works


The SCO can be wall mounted but the most common is on to the body of the CCR itself as shown below on the drawing.

Technical Specification

  • Voltage rating: AC 5 kV
  • Current rating: 12A carrying capacity.
  • Dielectric strength – Meets requirements of IEC 61822
  • Maximum cable cross section 10 mm2
  • Maximum cable insulation diameter: 12mm
  • Maximum Megger test voltage: DC 10 kV (“Field Measure” position)
  • Temperature range: -30°C to + 55°C


  • IEC 61822:2009
  • ICAO Doc 9157 Aerodrome Design Manual Part 5
  • AENA DIN/DSEYN/PPT/002-05-13


Gross 3.18 Kg



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