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Combined Switching Transformers

Combined Switching Transformers

Airfield Lighting Systems combined switching transformers. Using separate transformers with switching units takes up valuable space in transformer pits.

This product is an ideal solution to solve this issue.

The ALS Combined Switching Transformer provides lamp control and power in a single unit, saving space and cost, and minimising connections.

They include a wide range of input and output currents and are available in Fail-On and Fail-Off versions.

The maximum Wattage is 100 Watts. Power and switch circuit isolation is achieved by optical isolation.

Leads of all length or leads with any combination of plugs and sockets can be supplied along with ‘daisy chains’ of transformers.

Reducing the number of joints and therefore increasing the reliability of the circuit.

All ALS transformers are designed and manufactured to BS EN 61823. This also exceeds the requirements of the FAA AC 150/5345-47.

All AGLSTs come encapsulated in high quality polyurethane resin and are suitable for burial directly into the ground or into pits.

The transformers are fully waterproof.

ALS AGLSTs are resistant to acid and alkaline soils and to chemicals such as oils, fuels and de-icing fluids which are commonly found on airfields.

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