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TIPE Mains Parallel Transformers

TIPE Mains Parallel Transformers

Airfield Lighting Systems TIPE mains parallel transformers. ALS TIPE’s are constants voltage, or mains powered AGL transformers, and are used to supply a standard light fitting or group of light fittings, typically fed from 220V – 240V 50Hz supply.



  • Encapsulated in a homogenous high quality polyurethane pot
  • 2 meter two core input lead and style 7 socket output lead
  • 8mm insulation between outer and any core components exceeding requirements
  • 12hr minimum water testing prior to despatch
  • Ambient temperature range -40°C to +55°C
  • Permanently marked with rating, product identification and manufacturer details
  • Resistant to acid and alkaline soils, oils, fuels, de-icing fluids etc
  • Materials used are also termite and rodent proof
  • IP rating equivalent to IP68




  • For powering a constant current device from a mains power source.




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