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ALS PBL LED Portable Light Unit

ALS PBL LED Portable Light Unit


ALS LIPO-1 is a low intensity portable airfield light with dual colour and multi functional omnidirectional battery-operated LED’s  The default colours are blue and red. On request there is possibility for other colours, different intensity levels as well as a flashing options. It boasts a powerful battery with long operation time and a photo­cell is included as standard to minimise energy wastage.

It is lightweight and is contained in a tough yellow body.  Applications include airside operations to highlight closed taxiways, roads and to provide extra visibility of areas under maintenance.


  • Reliable, robust case to IP57
  • Long operational time/battery life time.
  • Photocell control
  • Correspondence with many fixed lights
  • Optional chargeable battery option (coming)
  • Up to 4 different colours (red and blue as default)
  • Bi-directional on request
  • Non-brittle material (down to -50oC)
  • Frame default colour yellow with firm handle
  • Dome made of UV resistance polycarbonate possibility for 3 different intensity options on request

Available with additional Wing base or Floor base accessory.


Order Code      PLB/LIPO1

Order Code PLB/LIPO1WN

Order Code PLB/LIPO1FB

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