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Polaris – Portable Lighting System

Polaris – Portable Lighting System

Polaris – Portable LED lighting systems for Airports – Battery or Solar Powered Options.

The POLARIS light unit is lightweight, durable, waterproof and has been developed for fast deployment by non-skilled operators and will
operate in the worst environmental conditions.

All the units are equipped with high power LEDs, matched by dedicated optics to drastically increase photometric performances, save on
power consumption and reduce life cycle costs (compared to incandescent lamps).

Autonomy depends on the operating mode, the level of light and number of LEDs. The Running time is from 14 hours (full power, steady,
RWE omni-directional) up to 24 days (low power, flashing, APP).

  • No lamp changing for the entire lifetime of the light unit
  • Tested for wind / jet blast up to 322 Km/h
  • Extended battery life
  • 15 hours maximum recharge time
  • Simple drop-in charging system
  • Minimum 1000 cd
  • Minimum 100,000 hours
  • Bidirectional and omnidirectional
  • Low voltage battery protection
  • Control options: manual, photocell or radio
  • Flashing or steady signal
  • Charge level indication
  • Power consumption max 4W for low intensity
  • Power consumption max 12.5W for low intensity
  • Lead acid battery
  • Autonomy of minimum 300 hours for minimum intensity

The battery charger is made of individual trays designed to host the POLARIS fittings during storage.


The Battery has four indicators to show the charging state at any time.

Solar Powered Polaris

Specially designed for remote aerodromes

APP – Approach Centre light and Crossbars (white)
THR – Threshold Wing Bar light (green)
RWE – Runway Edge light (white)
TND – Threshold light (green light) / Runway end light (red)
TWE – Taxiway Edge light ( blue)


• Wireless control and emergency ON/OFF button
• Casing made of UV-stabilized polycarbonate.
• Total battery capacity of 144W.
• Number of cycles : minimum 1200
• Solar panel of 30 W, mono or Poly-crystalline
• Internal charger included


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