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DTS 8″ Mounting Base for all ALS fittings

DTS 8″ Mounting Base for all ALS fittings

ALS has developed its own mounting bases that are suitable for all of our LED light fittings.  They are designed to universal IEC standards so any compliant fitting can be installed using these tough and durable steel bases.


  • Bottom hole or side entry for electrical connection.
  • Universal IEC Compliant design.
  • Side entry (single on one side only)
  • High Pressure Aluminium casting
  • Anodized surface for protection.
  • Perfect machining to complement ALS fittings.




Optional Accessory SmartBolts – a Visual Indication System that turns the top head of a bolt from red to black as you tighten it.  SmartBolts give you peace of mind that your bolts are at the correct tension vital for Airfield safety.  They can be easily retrofitted to existing runway lighting systems and therafter inspections are visible rather than manual.  They do not need to be replaced with every inspection, saving you money and time.

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