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DTS – CCR-2100S IGBT Pure Sine Wave Controller

DTS – CCR-2100S IGBT Pure Sine Wave Controller

The ALS IGBT CCR is the very latest in Airfield Lighting Control Technology.  There is no better way to ensure smooth operation of your lighting, from 1 to 100 units than using advanced IGBT technology.  By combining the best PWM and Pure Sine Wave to control the precise power is applied perfectly to the lights every time.

They are suitable for use in all Airfield applications and they balance the required Halogen and LED loads (even if part of the airfield was installed years ago and the cabling is older).

Our IGBT CCR’s are proven in the field with over 100 airports using them daily.


  • Tested by BV and certified to comply to IEC 61822
  • CE marked and tested.
  • PWM and Pure Sine Wave controler.
  • 32 bit microprocessor providing microsecond speed of control adjustments.
  • 6 brightness levels on control panel for user comfort.
  • 1000M high precision online insulation resistance measurement.
  • Lamp fault detection provides feedback alerts of potential failed lamps.
  • CCR cabinet has In built cooling and is silent in operation.
  • Power Factor > 0.99
  • IGBT control contributes to achieving full lamp life by not overrunning them.
  • 7″ full colour touch screen for easy operation.
  • Flexible parameter settings to customise for local needs.
  • Lightning arrestors at input and output sides for dual protection.
  • Comprehensive over voltage and current protection.
  • Various types of control interfaces available.





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