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DTS SFL Sequenced Flashing Lights

DTS SFL Sequenced Flashing Lights


  • Inset & Elevated options.
  • Modular design, concise structure, easy maintenance and high reliability.
  • CAN field Bus is used as the medium for synchronous control, intensity control and status monitoring. Reliable data exchange and strong ability of anti-interference greatly reduce the probability of misfires and false alarms.
  • 1240 * 600 LCD displays more information with a friendlier human-machine interface. Operators can distinguish between LED light fault and communication fault, which makes maintenance easier.
  • Dedicated dry type step up transformer is used, which has low noise and low temperature rise, and is free of maintenance. Output can be adjusted through multiple taps to match with the load.
  • Powerful communication protocols, various types of interfaces including CAN, RS485 and I/O interfaces, allowing easy connection to airfield control and monitoring system.
  • Auto switch-on after resume of power in case of power interruption, with no need to reset and readjust the brightness step.
  • Flasher control unit is able to be mounted on the flasher pole, which reduces construction costs.
  • Flasher control unit is able to work in a wide range of input voltage and under various climate conditions.
  • The LED Flashing System can be used as Sequenced Flashing System and Runway Threshold Identification Lighting System.

The flashing system composes of one master control cabinet (MCC) and a certain number of LED flashers and flasher control units (FCU).

Control System

The MCC is the core of sequenced flashing light system. Its working principle is as follows:

  1. Supply power to the flashers and FCUs in outfield. When an operator turns on the MCC, the control module of the MCC will activate the relay in the cabinet, supplying power generated by the isolation transformer to the outfield. When the operator turns off the MCC, the relay releases and at the same time cut off the power to the outfield.

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