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LED Uni-Directional Elevated Light

LED Uni-Directional Elevated Light

The ALS DTS LED Uni-Directional Elevated lights are part of our new low energy, high performance range of Airfield Ground Lighting.  They are suitable for Approach Lighting (Center Line , Crossbar and Side Row), Runway End & Threshold, Stop Bar and Threshold End applications.

They utilise the latest super bright, low energy LED technology available in the field.  The range includes DTS-AL/E DTS-AS/E DTS-TH/E DTS-TW/E DTS-RE/E STS-SB/E options.

LED provide long life and low maintenance operation, very low power consumption and reduced running costs compared to halogen (a saving of typically 80%).

They are sleek, sturdy and compact with a low protrusion of less than 6.3 mm above ground level but do not compromise safety, in fact the standard light comes equipped with self learning fail open technology for extra protection.


  • Specially designed compact structure for LED light sources.
  • Modulised electrical driver and LED assembly for simplicity of maintenance.
  • Efficient and stable optical output, suitable for operation with 6.6A and 2.2A CCR’s.
  • Unique optical design, ensuring luminous efficacy and colour consistency.
  • Advanced thermal management solution to extend life expectancy to 80,000 hours.
  • Innovative design means the electronics are protected against shock and vibration.
  • Precision aluminium components, treated with a special external coating.
  • Built in surge protection.
  • Fail safe system for protection on the airfield.




Power Consumption

Approach Center Line                     35VA

Approach Side Row                         22VA

Threshold                                          25.5VA

Threshold Wing Bar                           25.5VA

Runway End                                      9VA

Stop Bar                                            6VA


  • Flange (168mm OD)
  • Flange (300mm OD)
  • 2″ 11 TPI Frangible coupling type A (Pole Mounted)
  • 2″ 11 TPI Frangible coupling type B (Ground Mounted)
  • SmartBolts


Dimensions    300mm (L) x 240mm  (W) x 200mm (H)

Net Weight     4.5Kg

Gross Weight  4.7Kg

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