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Vista - LED Medium Intensity Runway Lighting System

The new VISTA V2 generation is designed to provide the benefits of LED lighting to visual approach aerodromes such as regional airports, airstrips and military air bases. It is a reliable and flexible product, being easy to fit in any kind of infrastructure.

The high-quality polycarbonate and aluminium components make the VISTA lights suitable for use in any kind of conditions, at temperatures ranging between -50oC to +55oC. All the light fixtures are IP68 certified.


Types of LED Vista Fittings:




  • Easy to install
  • Limited civil works with no specialized skills required
  • Compact & lightweight aluminium body
  • Optical diffuser made from scratch resistant UV protected polycarbonate
  • 3 Step Light Dimming
  • Up to eight circuit DCR (Direct Current Regulator) Lighting Controller
  • Pre-cut cables with FAA L-823 connectors
  • Weatherproof
  • Polyester powder golden yellow finish


  • Low power consumption
  • Almost zero maintenance
  • Operational even when the pilot is not properly aligned (non-instrument approach), up to 10o offset
  • Extended operating hours for the airfield
  • Designed for easy mounting



Radio Controller
FAA L-854 Radio Remote Control enabling pilot control without assistance from the ground.
A-PAPI System
The APAPI system has been designed to meet the requirements of ICAO Annex 14, Vol. II, Seventh Edition
Inset Lights
Omni-directional inset runway edge lights.
A visual aid to indicate the direction of the wind can be vital on Airfields. We have a number of options available including illuminated versions


  • ICAO
  • FAA AC 150/5340-24
  • Lighting characteristics (equivalent or better) of FAA AC 150/534-50a for portable runway lighting
  • Eng. Brief No 67 Light Sources other than Incandescent and Xenon for Airport and Obstruction Lighting Fixtures

The DCR (Direct Current Regulator) Lighting Controller powers the system, delivering a 1.4A current.

  • Max output voltage 400 V
  • Up to 8 individual circuits
  • Input power 120/230 VAC 50/60 Hz ± 10%
  • Main characteristics in accordance with FAA L-828
  • Brightness control in 3 steps (10%, 30% and 100%)
  • Open circuit protection and over current protection
  • CE, LVD, EMC compatible
  • Efficiency at full load: higher than 90%