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Designed by Experience

Our experience working with numerous airports has helped us learn from our customers, working with them to develop products and solutions to improve airfield operations. Our current range includes Airfield, Heliport and Obstruction lighting

All of which utilise the latest low energy LED technology, as well as supporting a number of halogen installations across the world.

We are committed to delivering high performance, reliable products.  Our DTS range has been developed with a number of features to make installation faster and easier.

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Wingframe Software

ALS have been using industry leading Wingframe software for many years to provide you with precision engineered and perfectly sized signs.

We can provide you access to begin the ordering process by drawing signs in our user- & mobile-friendly editor. If you want, you can start drawing now.


Wingframe comes with collaboration tools for easy communication with your client/supplier. Create your quote using the material generated by Wingframe.

When the order is approved simply download the print files and send them to ALS for production. Wingframe provides standards compliant vector files for print, as well as grid files with measurements for verification.

A wide variety of choices are available covering ICAO signs, mandatory instructions signs, No entry, Gate, Stand identification VOR checkpoint for example.

All are fully customizable with content, legend height and panel size. 

Give us a call today when you next need a sign a receive an impressive Wingframe quotation back that you can forward to your clients