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Test Equipment

We provide a range of high quality, tested and safe test equipment suitable for use on the airfield.  All contain quality electronic components that are manufactured by ourselves or sourced from the best suppliers globally. 

All come with comprehensive guarantees and operating instructions.  As part of our maintenance program we offer calibration for all our products to help maintain its performance over life and serviceability.

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RMS Digital Ammeter

The XM001 True RMS Ammeter was designed and developed to provide accurate commissioning and set-up of CCRs for airfield ground lighting, specifically but not exclusively to be able to read the chopped waveform produced by phase-controlled thyristors used in most CCRs. The XM001 being an in-line meter avoids the inconsistencies often associated with clamp-meters. The standard unit is for 6.6 Amp circuits, but we can produce ammeters for other currents (6.0Amps and 12Amps).

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HV Probe and Proving Unit

Airfield Lighting Systems HV probe and proving unit to provide a safe and easy way of proving circuits dead. The ALS HV Probe and proving unit have been designed to provide a safe and easy way of proving circuits dead. They prove from 55VAC to 5000VAC. Each unit undergoes rigorous testing before sale and is serialised for traceability.

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ALS22A Portable Light Fitting Tester

Airfield Lighting Systems portable light fitting tester, an essential tool for the AGL technician. The ALS22 Light Fitting Tester has been designed to provide a safe and easy way for testing both LED and halogen luminaires before, during and after installation. This provides a cost-effective solution for both commissioning and maintenance. An average of 200 tests can be carried out on a full charge.

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Current Meter and Clamp

Airfield Lighting Systems current meter and clamp, digital meter to measure circuits and set up output current from the CCR. The ALS Current Meter is a hand held, digital meter designed to indicate current by direct measurement, or by using a current clamp, to within ± 1% of the correct value. This can be achieved even when measuring waveforms generated by Constant Current Regulators (CCR) with crest factors not exceeding 3.2, the maximum allowed in IEC61822.