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SDGS Advanced Visual Docking System

SDGS Advanced Visual Docking System

Welcome to our Visual Docking Guidance System, the pinnacle of accuracy and safety in aircraft docking. Our system boasts unparalleled features:

  • Accurate Identification: Processes millions of data points per second to distinguish between similar aircraft in all weather conditions.
  • Accurate Docking: Ensures measurement accuracy within 10 cm with predictive stop technology and dynamic speed control.
    Flexible Operation: Offers both fixed and mobile operator panels.
  • More Reliable: High integration and modular design facilitate ground maintenance.
  • Safer Docking: Includes emergency stops, apron barrier alerts, dirty lens detection, and low visibility alerts.
  • Vehicle Interference Free: Automatically identifies vehicles and humans to prevent errors.
  • Thinner & Lighter: Half the weight and thickness of comparable products
  • Farther & Faster: Captures distances over 200m with response times ten times faster.

Enhance your airport operations with our state-of-the-art docking guidance system

Technical Data

• Laser Scanning Technology: Long-range 3D LiDAR
• Laser Classification: Eye safety Class I
• Field of View: Horizontal 90° × Vertical 30°
• Scanning Accuracy: 0.1°
• Capture Distance: Up to 200m
• Azimuth Guidance Accuracy: 10cm
• Input Power: AC 90~260V, 50/60Hz
• Power Consumption: Avg. 400W
• Display Type: High intensity LED full color display
• Visibility Angle: 160°
• Brightness: >6500 cd/m²
• LED Pixel Pitch: P5
• Operating Temperature: -25℃ ~﹢60℃
• Wind Load: >44 m/s
• Snow Load: >1000 N/m²
• IP Classification: IP 65


Safe Guidance and Docking
• Automatic activation and guidance of aircraft docking based on information from AODB/A-CDM.
• Capture an aircraft and identify the aircraft type from long distance.
• Checks the compatibility of aircraft and PBB.
• Guides the aircraft to its correct stop position in all weather conditions.
• Monitoring and control of SDGS units.
Turnaround and Apron Management
• Continuously scan the complete gate area by 3D LiDAR, obstacles detection and alert to ensure the safe docking.
• Synchronize and data sharing with AODB/A-CDM.
• Interfaces and status monitoring of GSE.
• Interface capability to PBB.
• Monitoring and control of aircraft stand manoeuvring guidance lights.
Ramp Information Display
• Aircraft type.
• Flight information.
• GSE (PBB, GPU, PCA, etc.) availability.
• A-CDM process, AIBT, AOBT, etc.
• Meteorological information.
• Customised messages.


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