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Airfield Sign LED Retrofit Kit

Airfield Sign LED Retrofit Kit

The ALS LED retrofit kit replaces older light sources such as halogen or fluorescent.  Upgrading cabinets to the latest low power LED technology.

ALS has developed a system to retrofit cabinets with older light sources with our new Edge Lit LEDs to give improved power consumption and evenness of light. These kits can be easily installed into existing signs.

The ALS retrofit kits can be installed into cabinets with a depth greater than 150 mm.  And can run a sign with length of 4.5m supplied from one transformer. As an option they can also use mains power supply. There are standard plates for installing the LEDs into ADB, ALS, ASM, ATG and SMITHS signs as well as other sizes available.

Main Features
• Highly visible in all operational conditions
• Low power consumption
• Average power factor of .89
• Excellent uniformity of light
• Minimal maintenance required
• Long term cost savings
• Temperature range of -40°C to +60°C

Electrical Data
• 6.6 Amp constant current circuit input
• 120 – 240V 50 Hz input option
• LEDs life expectancy 50,000+ hours

The LEDs are installed centrally on the inside top edge of the cabinet for standard oblong cabinets and the power supply is mounted on stand offs from the bottom of the cabinet.  The light is reflected inside the cabinet to give an even light output over the whole face. To aid in this we recommend the inside is uniformly white. Large amounts of dirty or dark coloured areas will stop the correct light output being achieved.

To install remove all old lamps and fixings also any brackets or struts that would obstruct the LED channels or cast a shadow from them onto the face. Keep the input wire and terminal block. Evenly space the LED channels along the top of the sign with not more than 300mm between each one.

(The distances to install the LED plates are: EL3-630, 605mm spacing between centre of the plates. EL2-420, 395mm spacing between centre of the plates.

The ALS20 power convertor is mounted at bottom of sign with 300mm spacing between centre of the plates. The ALS20 is connected to the existing input with the blue and brown cables wrapped round a ferrite core. The output to the LEDs is a red and black cable with a ferrite. This connects to the LEDs with easy to use push fit waterproof (IP67) connectors.

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